A variety of special releases that we send out into the world


Pilsner  |  5.2%  |  Winter-Spring 2024

Garden Party celebrates the heart and hustle of Causeway Street. Whether you’re cheering for the black & gold or rooting for Banner 18, this crisp pilsner has you covered. Dual-colored for dual loyalties – Garden Party is a toast to both teams and the Boston sports icons we rally behind. Cheers to the legends of the court and the ice!


Coffee Porter  |  6.0%  | Winter-Spring 2024

Awake is brimming with rich, roasted coffee aromas and bold, invigorating flavors of baker’s chocolate and mocha. This smooth-sipping porter is a beloved pick-me-up for our coffee-loving community.


Summer Shandy  |  4.6%  | Summer 2024

Welcome to Shandy Beach, where summer sips meet ocean dips. Infused with zesty lemonade, this refreshing summer shandy is a crisp escape to sunny shores in every sip.


Ale with Wild Blueberries  |  4.3%  | Summer 2024

Embark on a refreshing journey into the Wild Blue! Brewed with Wyman’s® Wild Blueberries, this beer bursts with juicy, fruity flavors of everything blue. It’s the quintessential blueberry getaway.


Pumpkin Pie Ale  |  7.0%  |  Fall 2024

How many pies make a piescraper? We couldn’t agree on an answer, so we made this pumpkin pie beer instead. Pumpkin Piescraper is a pie-inspired beer brewed with pumpkin, vanilla beans, fall spices, maple syrup, and milk sugar. It sips rich and delicious, with notes of toasted marshmallow, fall spices, and maple.


Munich-Style Dunkel |  5.0%  |  Fall 2024

Dunkel John’s Band is a smooth, delicious Munich-Style Dunkel that honors a legendary band with its name and label artwork. It sips with notes of rye bread, toasted grain, and zesty hops. This beer pairs best with good friends, warm blankets, and a crackling fire. At a crushable 5%, it’s ideal for both dancing in the glow of a fireplace or curling up on the couch. This is one jam you won’t want to mi

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