Lite Owl Party Pack

Light beer variety 12-pack

IT’S PARTY TIME! Our Lite Owl Party Pack is the ULTIMATE party essential for light beer lovers. Inside you can find 6 cans of Nite Lite, plus 3 cans each of Lime Lite and Day Lite. Say goodbye to preservatives, corn syrup, and artificial flavors, and hello to truly delicious light beers crafted with premium ingredients. Our Lite Series beers are made for flavor – you’ll taste the difference in every can.

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Nite Lite
4.3% - American Light Lager - 120 calories - 6 cans
Day Lite
4.0% - Orange Peel Wheat Lager - 100 calories - 3 cans
4.3% - Lime Light Lager - 120 calories - 3 cans

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