We exist to celebrate and welcome all beverages, all people, and all ideas.
Anyone who wants a seat at our table has one.


night shift owl glass on patio in everett



We walk the walk, we’re open, we share


We seek to include (not exclude) others



We thrive on taking risks, failing, learning, and evolving to solve problems


Night Shift Brewing began as an idea. In a small kitchen on Josephine Ave in Somerville, MA, a trio of roommates started homebrewing beer for friends and family. This hobby took place after our day jobs, going late into the evenings, becoming what we called “night shift brewing.”  It was was 2007, and our goal was to craft and share beers that were more interesting and flavorful than the commercial options on shelves.

Over several years, Night Shift Brewing (the hobby) grew and evolved. Rob dug deeper into recipe development. O’Mara began working on a rough microbrewery business plan. And Ox started making labels for their homebrews, each adorned with a “hop owl” logo he drew.  The logo drew inspiration from their hobby’s nocturnal nature, along with the hops that go into each beer.

night shift's original owl logo drawing
The original “hop owl” logo drawing

michael oxton, mike o'mara, and rob burns homebrewing in their somerville kitchen
the night shift founders homebrewing in somerville

After hundreds of homebrews and thousands of beers shared, the trio finally quit their day jobs to turn this passionate hobby into something more. They scraped together startup money from friends and family, found a small but suitable warehouse in Everett, and launched Night Shift Brewing (the business) in 2012.

Over years of long days and late nights, we’ve created world-class beers, a passionate community of awesome fans, and a growing team of incredible people. We are a proudly independent business – our three founders collectively own about 80% of the business, with the remaining 20% owned by close friends and family. In addition to our original Everett location, we now run our flagship brewery and restaurant on Boston’s Lovejoy Wharf, along with seasonal beer gardens along Boston’s Charles River. 

We maintain a relentless focus on three values – inclusivity, integrity, and innovation. And we believe strongly in the mantra “all styles welcome” – this applies to what we produce, but also to the way we run our business. Join us in welcoming all styles of beverages, people, and ideas. We are here to celebrate great flavors and great friends. Welcome to Night Shift.

founder rob burns

Rob Burns

Co-Founder & President
founder mike o'mara

Mike O’Mara

founder michael oxton

Michael Oxton



We have an ever-growing team of enthusiastic, motivated, and skilled individuals. If you are interested in joining, check out our Careers page!


the three beers in the lite owl party pack

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