Inside each can of Morph is a delicious 5.5% IPA. That much is constant. The beer’s recipe, however, is always changing. Last batch was not the same recipe as this batch is not the same recipe as the next batch will be. Experimenting with different combinations of hops each batch, Morph IPA Series showcases an always rotating IPA surprise.

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Batch Canning Dates: Jan-Mar 2024
This batch is built on a trio of El Dorado, Ekuanot Cryo, and Citra hops, delivering an explosion of flavors. With El Dorado’s tropical fruit notes, the distinct melon and berry whispers of Ekuanot Cryo, and the unmistakable citrus zest of Citra, each sip is a journey through a lush, aromatic hop garden.

Batch Canning Dates: Sep-Dec 2023
This batch boasts a dynamic duo of Nelson Sauvin and Azacca hops. Dive into a cascade of vibrant aromas and flavors, where hints of white wine grapes entwine with fresh pineapple, complemented by undertones of zesty gooseberry and a splash of mango.

Batch Canning Dates: May-Jul 2023
This batch features an explosion of Citra and Simcoe hops. The result is “hoppy summer in a can” – refreshing notes of orange zest, apricot, and juicy mango with every sip.

Batch Canning Dates: Feb-Mar 2023
This batch features Citra Cryo, Vic Secret, and Hallertau Blanc hops. Immerse your senses in the tropical aromas of juicy citrus and pineapple, enhanced by flavors of ripe peach, nectarine, and a subtle hint of white grape.

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