Hoppy Core

Our year-round hoppy beers – available everywhere Night Shift is sold!

Whirlpool Night Shift can with owl and yellow swirls in the background
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Hazy Pale Ale
4.5 %

Santilli IPA beer can with the owl and green leaves
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American IPA
6.0 %

Fluffy Night Shift beer can with a black owl on an orange and white background.
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Hazy IPA

87 Night Shift beer can with the Night Shift owl on a colorful background
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The 87

Hazy Double IPA
8.0 %

Hop Owl Party Pack Night Shift
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Hop Owl Party Pack

Morph, Fluffy, Whirlpool, Santilli


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Super Santilli

American DIPA
9.0 %

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IPA Series

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