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Night Shift Co-founder, Rob Burns
Rob Burns, Co-Founder & President
Night Shift Co-founder, Mike O'Mara
Mike O'Mara, Co-Founder
Night Shift Co-founder, Michael Oxton
Michael Oxton, Co-Founder

Night Shift was founded in 2012 by a trio of friends with a shared passion for homebrewing. What began as a nocturnal hobby in Somerville, MA has now grown bigger than our wildest dreams. We exist to always craft better for our staff, customers, and community.

We are a proudly independent business – our three founders collectively own just over 80% of the business, with the remaining 20% owned by close friends and family. We maintain a relentless focus on three values – inclusivity, integrity, and innovation. Our family of business branches continues to grow every year – learn more about each below!

Night Shift Brewing has its roots in a small kitchen on Josephine Ave in Somerville, MA. In 2007, Co-Founders Rob, Mike, and Michael began homebrewing at night, making beers for friends and family that they hoped were more interesting and flavorful than the commercial options on shelves. 

In 2012, the trio moved their hobby to a small Everett warehouse and launched the business. They relied on a “craft better” mindset and their passionate community of loyal customers to quickly grow their staff, production, and distribution in the local market. 

Today, Night Shift Brewing operates locations in Everett and Boston MA, and distributes beer throughout MA, CT, PA, NY, ME, and NH. 

Our distribution roots began out of a Subaru Outback in 2012, which we used to make delivery drops throughout Greater Boston. Self distribution taught us the importance of product quality, freshness, brand control, customer service, and high-quality relationships. 

In 2016, we began Night Shift Distributing to offer a fresh approach to MA beer distribution. Our mission is to offer a world class selection of craft beverage options. With our newest expansion to CT, we look to disrupt the MA & CT wholesaler landscape by offering craft beverage producers a like-minded distribution partner. With the support of our customers, we can impact the direction of today’s monopolistic wholesaler landscape and create something better for beverage distribution!

Our portfolio includes an array of craft beer, wine, spirit, and non-alcoholic beverage brands.

Our mission at Night Shift is to offer fresh craft coffee through approachable, inclusive experiences. Craft coffee should be delicious and complex, but it doesn’t need to be intimidating or pretentious – we learned a similar lesson in the world of craft beer.

We’re applying those lessons learned to the “morning shift” of the brewing world – coffee. Both beer and coffee are fermented products, with many overlapping flavor profiles – from fruity to herbal to cocoa notes. And as with beer, freshness is paramount.

You can find our beans and coffee at the Lovejoy Wharf coffee bar in Boston. We want every person who steps through the door to feel comfortable and excited. Our space, menu, and baristas are focused on creating inclusive, educational experiences.

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