Food prepared on-site must be purchased with your first round of alcoholic beverages.
When we do not have a food truck serving, hot dogs and veggie dogs are available for purchase.
Snack may be purchased at any time in addition to the hot dogs, but do not count as your prepared item.
Thank you for your understanding, if you have any question about these rules please send us a text and we will help you out!
Kayem Hot Dog – $3
Two Hot Dogs – $5
Veggie Dog – $4
Two Veggie Dogs – $7
One Hot Dog + One Veggie Dog – $6


One Mighty Mill Hard Pretzel Bag $5
Original or Honey Mustard
Brewer’s Crackers $8
Sea Salt Flatbread Crackers or Everything Flatbread Crackers


Spindrift $3
Lime, Blackberry, Raspberry Lime
Harmony Springs $3.75
Orange Soda, Root Beer, 1/2 Lemonade & 1/2 Grapefruit, Cola, Ginger Ale

Night Shift Nitro Cold Brew $5

Koozies Available for $3

12 oz Koozie – Santilli Hop Bine
16 oz Koozie – Owl’s Nest Logo, Kelly Green, or Nite Lite Logo


Chelsea Coffee Blend $15
Medium Roast
Whole Bean or Instant
Everett Coffee Blend $15
Light Roast
Whole Bean or Instant
Lovejoy Coffee Blend $15
Dark Roast
Whole Bean or Instant
Darkling Coffee $15
Dark Roast
Whole Bean or Instant

& Everything Nice $15
Medium Roast, Winter Blend Coffee

Eye of the Hurricane Decaf $15
Medium Roast Decaf Single Origin Coffee

Flying Saucer $17
Medium Roast

Honey Honey $17
Medium Roast

Nevertheless $17
Light Roast Single Origin Coffee

One Farm This Time $17
Medium Roast Single Origin Coffee

Moon Lite $17
Half Caffeine Blend

Berry Alive $17
Medium Roast

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