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Mixed Pack #3 - Tasting Notes

Night Shift Beer Educator + Certified Cicerone®, Ryan Fernandes

Tea party – Ginger Peach Hard Tea – 4%

Tea Party is another innovation that started from our Lovejoy Location and has been scaled to our next level of production. We want to see if this type of beverage is something people are into and see if we could make a quality representation.  We are using our Hoot Base as a canvas and adding layers of flavor by cold steeping tea from local teamaker MEM Tea a few days prior to packaging. We wanted to create an easy-drinking summer sipper for all the outdoor activities. Tea party has a sweet aroma of ripe yellow peach with a spicy ginger note and prickly carbonation makes it delightful in the sun.

Ever Weisse – Mixed Fermentation Sour Ale w/ Strawberries, Kiwis and Hibiscus – 5.7%

Ever Weisse is one of our favorite and longest-running seasonal beers first brewed back in 2012. Our Weisse beer series is a great look into softer acidity beers. We use a large portion of Wheat in the grain bill to provide a soft rounded mouthfeel  We use our house lactobacillus to sour the wort and co-ferment the beer with our house yeast strain. While adding quite literally over a ton of fruit to the beer. For those who are usually wine or cider drinkers I always lead them to this style of beer just because both wine and cider are naturally acidic and fruit-forward flavors are very familiar. Ever Weisse with its bright berry tones always reminds me of a blush rose wine meant to be sipped on hot summer days. 

Traffic Cone – New England IPA w/ Orange Peel – 6.1%

New England IPA’s want to be as hop flavorful and aromatic while trying to subdue hop bitterness. We try to limit our hot side hop additions which would provide bitterness and do a large portion of our hop additions on the cold side or during fermentation adding more aroma and flavor. So we designed Traffic Cone around two very citrus-forward American hops, Citra and Idaho 7 while also adding orange peel in the whirlpool. The addition of orange peel is trying to infuse as much citrus flavor as we can to the beer. Citra and Idaho 7 both have very distinct flavors that both come out in Traffic Cone. Citra brings a bouquet of citrus flavors like fresh orange zest and freshly cut limes character while Idaho 7 always leads me down a pineapple note so I was picking up a white Haribo gummy bear flavor. 

My Hop Will Go On – West Coast-Style IPA –  6.3%

It is always nice to go back to classic styles and appreciate why they became so popular in the first place. With My Hop Will Go On we are going back to when the craft beer was chasing IBU’s (bitterness) instead of the juicy hop flavor and aroma in the more modern New England IPA’s. We are using some classic American C hops Cascade, Columbus, and Chinook which bring out a punchy hop bitterness similar to grapefruit pith and pine needles. The crisp bitterness scrubs the palate and makes you want to go back for another sip.

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